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Design solutions to evoke nature in the workplace and beyond.

Being well at the place where you work is certainly important and there are many components that need to be taken into account. We have seen in an earlier article the importance of not feeling “spied” while standing in front of the pc, then there are the ergonomic components: the importance of acoustic insulation, to more advanced solutions than through the evocation of natural elements, enable us to feel a real sense of well-being. The BE WATER lamp is a very refined example of this, and it can be an experience-based design solution.

The purpose is to simulate the effect of the water reflections on a wall: Looking at it your mind focuses on motion and follows it repeatedly, giving a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Based on experiments and studies, the result is a built-in lamp placed inside a light throat. The challenge was to create a kinetic lamp that remembered water, but without its presence. The reproductions of reflections are “refracted”. It is a modular, linear LED lamp designed by Fernando Correa, creative director of WAW COLLECTION.

A single engine is capable of rotating one or more cylinders by traction so that any extension can be reached.

Then there are the various accessories: first, the WATER, then the FIRE with the burning of its flames, the AIR with the phenomenon of the Northern Lights and its nuances, and finally the EARTH inspired by the fields of the Provence lavender. These are the different color variants thanks to an accessory filter applicable directly on the aluminum base.

Each natural element is also represented by an exclusive fragrance, contained within the packaging, supplied with a QRcode containing a collection of recommended relaxing music tracks to promote a totalizing sensory experience.

A new frontier of design, in which technological research, innovation, is founded towards an aesthetically valuable result not only in visual but also in sensory terms.

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