Create a Coworking in Rome


You have a property to enhance, which for you represents a weight from an economic point of view?

Have you ever thought that today more than ever the value of things comes from sharing them?

…Surely you are aware that there is a very powerful change taking place called the SHARING ECONOMY.

Just think about how the holiday home phenomenon is transforming the REAL ESTATE RENTAL system

At SPAZIO CONCRETE COWORKING NETWORK you can find the most suitable skills to enhance a property, transforming it into a coworking room.

  • Thanks to our experience, both as designers and coworking managers, we can help you design, build and manage cozy coworking environments where before there was a loose property and Unproductive.
  • You have a studio and would like to use your structure at its best? We can support you marketing and management.
  • Contact us and join our network too!

An interesting and unique opportunity to give new value to commercial properties devalued by the new economy!