Emanuela Bonfili


Founder and over 20-year experienced architect.

The free profession is undergoing a major change, both because of the advent of digital technology (which must be seen as a major opportunity) and because the skills required by the world of work are becoming more and more diverse: the professional handyman belongs to the past. That is why I believe that now is more important than ever to generate synergies between the various professionals. In the co-working network Spazio Concrete I am mainly involved in the organization. I provide my professional expertise -both as an architect and because I have a co-working- to help you develop your co-working, from design and installation to management and marketing as necessary.

Alessandro Bianchini


Sono un architetto ed  un imprenditore. Quando è nata l’idea di Spazio Concrete, ne ho apprezzato subito lo spirito perché credo che il confronto con gli altri sia necessario e indispensabile nel mondo contemporaneo. A Spazio Concrete Coworking metto a disposizione la mia esperienza e conoscenza dell’ambito immobiliare, progettuale e cantieristico.

Maria Verbena Sterpetti

Spazio Concrete Roma Quartiere Trieste

Registered in the Rome Bar Association since March 2014, I have been a forensic professional convinced that the future of this practice is changing. As a result I closely follow companies and customers who decide to rely on the Study and try to work out the specifics and requirements of each individual in a way that demands constant updates and being able to rely on a trusted lawyer who knows the client closely is indispensable. Today I am involved in labour and company law and I offer 360-degree support to corporate civilization realities.

Cristiana Cardarelli

Housing architect and designer

In the profession, I like to help people think of their own living “space” as a physical place, a storytelling space that tells of themselves.

To live in a place -a home or a workplace- is to be with objects, with people. The House’s plan must therefore make us feel in harmony and comfort with the world around us, a place similar to the protective cover of a shell in which you create and shelter.

In Spazio Concrete I found many professionals and colleagues who love to surround themselves with other people to share their daily passions, ideas and experiences of work.

Silvia Di Renzo

Spazio Concrete Roma San Giovanni

For 25 years, I have been devoted to the ongoing evolution and change of law practice, which makes it the highlight of my job, performing an activity almost never equal to itself. This has provided me, in addition to a vast amount of experience, with the ability to accept the challenge of a professional career path that must always be up to date.

For this reason, I have been focusing on the area of agri-food law together with my fellow lawyers. After having established, in 2000, a professional study specializing mainly in civil, tax and transport law.

Certain that this is an interesting and developing area firstly because of the vast proliferation of legislation by the European Legislator and secondly because now more than ever there is a need to protect and develop the “Made in Italy.”

I will not dwell any further and I am sure that my experience and that of my colleagues in my practice fit well into the spirit of synergy in Spazio Concrete, with which we share the optimistic desire for innovation, combined with strong professional competence.

Pietro Scipione

Training and Digital Marketing

I have been involved in computer science in numerous ways and in various assignments. I have gone from managerial to entrepreneurial activities keeping the focus on technology. In Spazio Concrete Coworking Roma Pigneto I am involved in training and Digital Marketing.

Ely Rozenberg

Industrial designer and entrepreneur

Design course at the Academy of Fine Arts RUFA. In addition to design exhibitions, she has also collaborated with various companies, including MMC (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), Algida (Unilever), Leo Burnett, Osram, IBM, MIbaT.

She is involved in start-ups in the wearable technologies and cultural merchandising fields and has also won contracts from the Ministry of Development.

She was honored with the first Compassion of Gold International Award ® 2015, RED DOT BEST OF THE BEST ® 2012 and GOOD DESIGN ® AWARD 2017 of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.