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More solutions for well-being and safety in working places

Faram is a Venetian company, which we particularly appreciate, specialized in the design of wall partitions and office equipment. It has always been careful to develop flexible solutions and is capable of adapting solutions for both working and home-working spaces.

The acronym O.S.O. Office Sweet Office, well represents the Corporate’s philosophy that seeks to reconcile home-office dichotomy, and hence the public and private aspects of life.

The experience of Covid 19, as we have already seen in other articles, has imposed many changes; domestic environments are now also workplaces, while in working environments, safety and distance are the keywords.

Here presented Bahlara, a modular system designed by Egidio Panzera, honored at the Good Design Awards and rich in pleasant solutions that combine the two aspects of office-home, now becomes also “Bahlara Halo”. Solutions with the ability to create protected and colorful areas by wrapping individual positions into a kind of protective “halo” hence the name.

In the same spirit, Cartesio Up was developed. “Up-grade Your Collection” is ideal for personal distance in shared offices, which include protective, instantly deployable and aesthetically integrated screens with the collection.

As always, the proposals focus on environmental sustainability: reducing emissions, recycling of materials used, constantly seeking innovative solutions and systems that minimize the impact on the planet, combining industrial production with small-scale processing.


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