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Privacy Solution Coworking

We talked about the values and benefits of working in a co working space: the ability to generate relationships and network, the flexibility of solutions – that is, to modulate your office as needed, with an all-inclusive service.

Sometimes people can still feel obstacles, especially of a psychological nature, in imagining themselves sharing their workplaces.

It is certainly important to feel comfortable in the working environment, given the amount of hours spent there. Space quality certainly influences the quality of your health, so care is important in designing environments and choosing furniture and complements.

Those who have never worked in a shared environment or co-working environment, if they feel constrained by such a choice, generally do so because of privacy and environmental comfort and welfare issues.

Let us go in order and start with Privacy. Just recently Philips designed a new computer monitor designed to help professionals work quietly in shared environments.

The new 24-inch Philips 242B1V, a 24-inch LCD monitor, protects data from Visual Hacking: you can work quietly, not worry about someone peeking. Privacy Mode allows the display to be viewed only by the user facing it. This means that while the screen appears dark from the sides, if you stand at the center, the picture quality is high with full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and IPS technology. There are also many other interesting aspects of well-being, such as Easy Read mode, which allows a paper-like reading experience, media can be oriented at will, FlickerFree technology reduces flicker and Low Blue mode, reduces harmful short-wave blue light, forcing the eye to a continuous focus to maintain clear vision and resulting visual fatigue.

Soon, there will be more articles about solutions related to working well.

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