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Smart working and Coworking

Smart working in Italy is one of the most important transformations of the Covid pandemic 19: it will no longer be as it was before, from the point of view of the work organization. While working from home was rare until the beginning of 2020, we suddenly realized that with cloud and all related digital technologies, it can be within everyone’s reach.
This was how during the lockdown, we saw widespread euphoria about working from home (which is not smart working, but simply working from a distance). But slowly the initial enthusiasm diminished, because of the innate need for contact and exchange between people and because working from home in the long run could be unstimulating and unproductive.
It is not easy to find the right balance in managing time and roles, the work-life balance, the so-called Work Life Balance, without considering that not everyone lives in homes with sufficient space where it is possible to find places to work or study quietly.

Co-working becomes the winning solution for both the company and the employee.

For companies: Becoming more competitive means reorganizing businesses and co-working is an effective solution. The ability to modulate spaces according to current needs and contingencies is undoubtedly an optimal way to control costs.
For the employee: thinking that you don't have to exclusively work from home and that you can enjoy dedicated spaces, perhaps reachable on foot or by bicycle! It is a life-saving solution, improving your welfare, even for a couple of days a week.

We point out that a happy person not only is more proactive and productive but also benefits from mutual interaction.

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