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The agile work and coworking in Rome

The agile work was introduced in 2017 with Law No. 81. It has gone from being an optional way of carrying out work (subject to an obligation of agreement with the employer) to being a “compulsory” mode of work without an individual agreement because of the well-known health emergency.

Clearly, in the midst of a pandemic, agile work had to be done at home.

In light of the experience in the recent months, we have appreciated the fact that agile work results in time saving, in terms of home-to-work travelling and a reduction in air pollution. However, we also have had the opportunity to experiment on our own skin with what has already been theorized: at home, work becomes a ‘face-to-face’, a ‘run-through’, with a marked increase in difficulties in carrying out innovative processes and launching new projects.

It has emerged that it is necessary for our minds to leave home, to arrive at a suitable place to allow us to be immersed in a working dimension and, above all, to allow for direct and immediate comparison with other people.

To this end, a co-working space can become a perfect solution in full compliance with the provisions in force to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Coworking, a solution suitable for self-employed people, start-ups and employees.

Law No. 81 not imposing constraints does not prevent the establishment of a co-working space as a workplace. There are obligations to comply with legislation on the safety of the workplace, on time and on confidentiality, but there is no requirement that work must be carried out within the home walls.

It is no coincidence that some virtual realities are beginning to speculate; instead of expensive offices they would rather have lots “distributed offices” on the ground where employees can do their work in small groups, close to home but not at home.

It would therefore be desirable for it to become a practice to conclude agreements for the smoothness of working in co-working spaces, as permitted by the legislative text and with unquestionable benefits for companies and employees.

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