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The Bradbury Building becomes a coworking

The Bradbury Building is an architectural work that must not be lost, one of the few historical buildings left in Los Angeles. Built at the end of the 19th century, it was declared an architectural heritage of the city.

It was designed by architect George Wyman on the commission of the mining tycoon, then real estate entrepreneur Lewis Bradbury.

While the outer shell is rather classic, in bricks and terraces, regular openings and modulations, inside it has an incredible modernity within it. However, you open a large five-story atrium with glass cover, visual lifts, staircase rails and beaten iron gangways, probably made in France.

Such a rich space in the world’s capital of cinema could only be used to shoot memorable scenes of dozens of films and television series since the 1940s. Certainly at the top of the memorable scene list is Blade Runner.

Now this beautiful piece of architecture has become a coworking of the NeueHouse chain.

The spaces are divided into private offices, event rooms, meeting rooms, the hall is a common area. There, Co – workers have café, bar, private dining room, telephone boxes and wellness areas available. Of course, in order to form the community, there is no shortage of laboratories and the organization of cultural and educational events.

In the design, the DesignAgency study has preserved materials and its original elements, interior design choices appear refined and elegant, which fit naturally into architecture. Of course, there’s no lack of natural light, which inundates the common spaces and wraps them around them.

It seems interesting to me that a quality building becomes a co-working, right in the state, California, where coworking was born. Clearly, such large operations and investments only confirm the value of this kind of reality. In an increasingly fluid world, coworking is certainly and will increasingly be a concrete response to today’s needs.

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