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The value of coworking spaces is increasingly being recognized.

It has been recently reported that the Cassa Forense will make co working spaces available in Rome to its members, both for Roman lawyers and for their colleagues who are on holiday in the capital.

The news are significant: the value of co-working spaces is increasingly being recognized. There are many reasons for this; first of all, the possibility of having flexible solutions which reduces costs compared to those that would be needed to maintain a traditional study. In addition, a range of professional modular solutions can be found in a co-working environment: fixed or nomadic positions, meeting rooms, private interview halls, simplifying and facilitating the conduct of work, especially at a challenging time for everyone, such as the one we are experiencing. All this is possible because it is now enough to have an internet connection, a pc and the ability to receive customers in the right places to do the legal profession, and more importantly, to have them.

A credit note is therefore given to the Cassa Forense and the Rome AOC, in order to offer a concrete solution and to keep pace with the times, in order to facilitate the practice of the profession of lawyer.

In Spazio Concrete Coworking Network Space, we believe in the value of co working, both as a viable solution for free professionals and businesses, for the reasons listed above, as well as for the ability to generate relationships and network among co-workers, in its win-win approach.

Following us, you will discover that we plan events to make you popular, to generate collaboration and synergies. 

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